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Premium products

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Start with our story...

Lucchi Sausage and Lucchi's Market goes back 100 years. The history of where we come from drives where we'll go, always.


Premium Products

Lucchi Sausage is our original secret recipe pork sausage; born in Italy, brought here and produced at Lucchi's Market for many years; this is the product that put us on the map. We also offer other complimentary products to our sausage, including snack sticks, summer sausage & salamini & the best frozen pizzas!

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We aren't here to sell to you, we're here to partner with you. We bring premium products to you and we'll support your business in any way we can.

Our products yield a minimum of 30% margins when buying wholesale from us. Review wholesale pricing below.



When we launch our products with a new partner location, we invest in targeted social media advertising to send new customers to your store to purchase our products. From that point on we will continue to invest in local advertising via social media. Our products also do an excellent job of bringing customers back to your store.


Everything is sold by the case with no minimum orders.

We operate on a ordering & delivery schedule and there are (3) ways to order. 

  1. Go to and use our online order portal

  2. Order thru our customer success manager Jody - she calls each retailer personally when orders are due

  3. Email your order to

To view the current order/delivery schedule, click HERE.


We distribute all of our own products; Mike is our delivery driver and he personally delivers each order on the scheduled delivery dates. Wednesdays are our typical delivery days and we are able to call ahead and accommodate partners with unique operating hours.

-Invoicing & Payments-

You will receive a hard copy of each invoice at the time of delivery as well as an email with a digital copy. Payment can be made via cash or check at the time of delivery or via a check in the mail. We also offer direct deposits payments.


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Contact us now at (217) 971-4589 (call or text) or email us at

Also, check out some of our amazing customer reviews!

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