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The Story of Lucchi Sausage

Deep Roots from Coalton, Illinois


My grandfather, Aerio Lucchi (loo-key) and his sister (Lena) and wife (Dorothy "Dot") ran Lucchi’s Market in Coalton, Illinois for many years. The market had provisions for just about everything one would need to get by, including a secret family recipe garlic pork sausage. The sausage, known only as "Lucchi Sausage'' was sought after by just about everyone who lived in Coalton and the surrounding community, even more-so after the market was closed on May 12th 1980 as part of my grandparents retirement. 


The recipe had been written down and locked away, only to come out when we'd make the sausage for friends and family, but only on special occasions. Each time the family got together we'd talk about how the sausage brought back memories of my grandparents, the store, and the people of the village of Coalton. 

In March of 2018 my mother, Pixie Sparks, gifted me the recipe for the sausage, and again, I locked the recipe up. In January of 2022 I made the decision to start looking at what it would take to bring back the sought after sausage on a more official basis. In January 2022 Lucchi Sausage LLC was formed and we began taking orders on this website once per month. Each month the amount of Lucchi Sausage we sold would grow, and grow, until we had to set a limit because we could only make so much each month on our own.

In February of 2023, we partnered with a trusted manufacturer who now produces and packages the sausage full-time for us. We’ve added a new Cheddar Garlic pork sausage, Meat Snack sticks, Salamini Italiani, Summer Sausage and most recently our line of Lucchi’s Market Frozen Pizzas, made with Lucchi Sausage. We partner with retailers, golf courses, taverns & convenience stores across central and south-central Illinois as well as the St Louis metro region to sell our products. 


Matt Sparks

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Our mission

Our mission is to bring Lucchi Sausage to everyone who loves and craves it. From my grandparents close family friends to a newer, younger generation of customers, we aim to deliver Lucchi sausage so all can taste the history!

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