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Changes to the store for September 1st

Starting on September 1st we will be simplifying the online store by reducing the number of products available, this includes removing the sausage "packs".

Why are we doing this?

We've asked you (customers) for feedback about the ordering process and we take that feedback seriously. The less complex we can make the ordering process the better. Too many customers get stuck in the checkout process and aren't able to complete their orders, this will help resolve that issue.

Will the overall price of sausage change?

No! Pricing will be the same as it has been the previous months

Will you still be offering link? 

Yes, but we will only be offering link in 2 pound packs. This is to help streamline our casing and linking process which will ultimately mean more folks can order each month!

What products will be available?


1lb, 2lb, 5lb



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