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Lucchi's Market Garlic Cheese

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Our Limited Edition Garlic Cheese is an old school White American cheese infused with fresh, earthy garlic flavor. This cheese is perfect for enhancing your sandwiches, beef burgers & pork burgers but can be used to make garlic bread or even used on charcuterie boards or added to your favorite party dips.

How can I order?
All orders are submitted using the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Is there a limited supply available? How long are you accepting orders?
Yes, we are only offering a limited supply.
The ordering window will close on Friday, April 26th.

When and how will I receive my order?
Monday, May 6th for Nokomis, IL pick up
Wednesday, May 8th for Troy, IL pick up

Specific Time & Location is TBD. We will contact each person via a text message & email when we know details.

Can I pick my order up in Troy, Illinois?
Yes, you specify on the order form if you want to pick up in Nokomis or Troy

What if I'm unable to pick up my order on May 6th?

Contact us at and we will work out a plan to get you the order.

How is the cheese packaged?
The cheese will be pre-sliced and come in 1LB packages.

What is the price for the Limited Edition Garlic Cheese?
$8.50 per pound/pack or buy 3 packs for $25

What payment methods do you accept?
We are only accepting cash payments for this order.

Thank you for your order, you will receive an email confirmation!

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