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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will sausage be made?

Right now we are making sausage one weekend per month but we hope as demand grows we will scale up and make it more often!

When can I order sausage?

Each month we will open our online store the first day of the month at 5pm and sell sausage until we sell out (don't be late, we sell out in less than an hour generally). Sausage orders are processed once per month. A schedule of each month can be found by clicking here

Can I pay cash for sausage?

Yes, please hit the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom of the website to chat with an employee of Lucchi Sausage and we will work out a way for you to pay cash for a sausage order!

Can you ship me sausage?

Due to USDA guidelines are we unable to ship sausage right now. We hope to expand in the future and make it available for shipping!

Where will I pick up my order?

You will receive a text when your order is ready for pickup at one of our official pickup locations. Check the Order Pickup page for more details!

Will Lucchi Sausage be available in stores?

We do have plans to offer it retail, eventually. Retail sales will require us to update our business plan strategy and find partnerships with retail shops, hopefully this will happen sometime in 2023.

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